How to set up account on Piazza

1. Open link for the class that you would be enrolled. The URL is looks like

2. Search for Active Wizards school in the search input.


3. Next, search the class name. Can be extracted from URL that you got in the invitation email.


4. Select checkbox "Enroll as a Student" and type the access code into the input. The access code is the same as the class title and in lowercase. For example, de100, ds100, do100 or db100.


5. Enter and confirm the registration email.


6. Receive the email and enter the confirmation code into the input.


7.Complete the registration process.007

8. You should see the welcome screen. Otherwise, review this instruction for mistakes or contact me via email if you face serious problems.


9. Navigate to "Resources" and, again, "Resources" to view the list of course materials.


10. Actually, there is no 10 item in this list, so good luck!

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